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Safe Locksmith

We’re Your Full-Service Safe Locksmith

At MD Lock & Safe, we’ve been in the locksmith business for decades. We know and trust safes as the definitive, secure way to protect your valuables and limit access to your potentially hazardous equipment. We know modern safes and antique ones, and can perform combination changes, unlocks, and repairs for a wide variety of models. We’re your locally owned and insured Fall River, MA safe locksmith, serving Southeastern Massachusetts with more than two decades of experience, and two generations of locksmiths.

Safe Services for Home Equipment

Before and After of a floor safe restoration.

In addition to routine combination changes, and lock repair/replacement, we can also do full restorations of old or damaged safes.

If you have a wall safe, floor safe, or large free-standing safe, you can look to us for combo changes and safe opening, including 24/7 emergency service if needed. For antique safes, we provide skeleton keys and duplicate safe keys, and for all models, we make safe lock repairs. For the protection of firearms at home, we have gun safes for sale including American-made gun safes, with convenient safe delivery and installation.

Other Personal Safes and Safe Deposit Box Services

Our skilled locksmiths can access long-forgotten personal items by drilling safe deposit boxes and opening locked safes including those inherited or included with older real estate. We change combinations for safety deposit box locks as well, and service specialized home safes such as fire-rated safes, burglary-rated safes, jewelry safes, and cheap home safes. We love to discover classic old models with unique stories, and we look forward to using our extensive experience on your special unit, it’s part of the pleasure of our job to work on fine machinery.

Business Safe Services

At the heart of your business, holding financial documents, patent materials, research notes, contracts, and other valuable items, is your safe. Particularly if you’re in the precious metals or jewelry business, or using your safe to store other valuable merchandise, it may also be a target of burglars and thieves. We can help you evaluate your safe’s suitability for the job, and let you know what vulnerabilities it might have. We can recommend a burglary-rated safe if appropriate, or other specialized units to provide the protection you need. We can make combination changes to keep access to your safe strictly limited and open your safe in an emergency if you are unable to open it in a timely fashion to make a sale, file papers, or otherwise access the contents. If your first attempt to open your safe by brute force or experience a burglary, we perform safe burglary repair to restore it to function and secure status.

Safe Lock Repair and Mystery Safe Opening

At the heart of each safe is a precise mechanism. As long-time locksmiths, we are fascinated with both the complexity and precision of locks, especially those in classic safes. We provide combination changes, and also maintenance and repair for safe mechanisms and doors. If you have a safe you’ve purchased at auction, inherited, or otherwise acquired without knowing the contents, we can provide safe access with minimal damage. Our business is locksmithing, but it’s our passion as well.

Lock and Key Experts for Your Safe, Home, Business, and Auto

MD Lock & Safe is ready to provide safe locksmith service in the Southeastern Massachusetts area, and we look forward to your call.


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